Manual Metal Detector (Garrett)
  • Category: Metal detectors
It has high sensitivity, which can detect extremely small metal objects. Adjust button can remove...
Metal detector DMSC02
  • Category: Metal detectors
Electric current (100-240) + 1 - 10% VAC Weight: 80 kg power consumption: <30 VA. The outer frame 22...
Metal detector DMSC03
  • Category: Metal detectors
Electric current: (100-240) + 1-10% VAC Net weight: 75kg power consumption: * 820 ^ * 500mm (d): ins...
Metal detector DMSC04
  • Category: Metal detectors
Electric current: AC100V - 50V 16042 HZ power consumption: It is an updated version of the VO -10...
Metal detector DMSC05
  • Category: Metal detectors
Electric current: AC100V- 50V / 6042 HZ power consumption: The outer frame: 2220 (h) * 820 (W) *...
Manual Metal Detector (Super Scanner)
  • Category: Metal detectors
Manual Metal Detector (Super Scanner) Comes with a leather case, it can be operated in a simple a...

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